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Ived to tell the tale themselves or notFrom the early Polynesian seafarers and the first full circumnavigations of the globe to explorers picking their way through the coral reefs of the West Indies this book tells the compelling story of life at sea that lies behind man's search for new lands new trade conuest and uncharted watersCharting the great milestones of nautical his.

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A Short History of Seafaring

Tory from the discovery of America to the establishment of the Royal Navy the naval history of the American Civil War the Battle of Midway and modern piracy the book sets all of them in their cultural and historical context The Conuest of the Ocean is a uniue compendium of awe inspiring tales of epic sea voyages and great feats of seamanship navigation endurance and ingenuity.

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A fascinating journey through than 5000 years of seafaring history in this essential guide to the most impressive seafaring tales explorers and maritime environments For than 5000 years the seas have challenged rewarded and punished the brave sailors who set forth to explore it This history of the seas and sailing tells the remarkable story of those individuals whether they l.

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    35 stars I thought a broad history of seafaring would be right up my alley but this book was a bit too broad for

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    Great read Would recommend for anyone planning on working out at sea in any format or industry or just anyone with an interest in world history This book gives an insight into the unfolding of man’s relationship

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    Very informative covers maritime history from a variety of viewpoints and perspectives