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Evelopment and traces the history of his standing in the technical and critical literature It is followed by a comprehensive annotated list of Berg's published music and writingsAll important books articles published dissertations and exhibition catalogs on Berg are cited in all editions and translations and in all languages with the exception of Asian ones Each item is provided with an abstract newly prepared by the author and reviews of books concerning Berg are referenced The bibliography reveals im.

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Alban Berg A Guide to Research Composer Resource Manuals

This book contains a comprehensive survey of research into the life and works of Alban Berg 1885 1935 Berg is one of the major composers of the twentieth century and a central figure in the Second Viennese School His music including the operas Wozzeck and Lulu is performed and studied by musicians worldwideOver 1000 writings on Berg dating from 1911 to the present are cited and analyzed In addition the author's essay Berg The Making of a Classic Composer presents a new study of Berg's life and career d.

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Portant and hitherto unnoted sources including a formal analysis of Berg's Piano Sonata Op 1 which was probably written by the composer himself and a socialist interpretation ofWozzeck that had Berg's personal approvalThe bibliography is organized topically with writings on each of Berg's major compositions brought together in separate chapters A final chapter deals with studies of Berg's life cultural milieu and general musical surveys A comprehensive author and subject index facilitates use of the bo.

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