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L treatment because her mom is dating a teacher How can Katie stop Olivia and deal with all the new events in her life It’s the Cupcake Club to the rescue as Katie’s friends come to her defense including an unexpected ally. Not sure when she read this

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Katie Sprinkles Surprises Cupcake Diaries #17

He’s shocked instead Her mom’s boyfriend is Jeff Green as in Mr Green a math teacher in her grade Katie tries to act as normal as possible but when mean girl Olivia finds out she tells everyone that Katie is getting specia. Nice

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The Cupcake Club comes to Katie’s defense when a surprise at school leads to unfair gossipWhen Katie’s mom says it’s time for Katie to meet her new boyfriend Katie is excited and nervous She thinks she’s prepared but s. WARNINGSPOILERS I really loved this book I liked how when Katie was being bullied by Olivia her ex best friend Callie stepped up and advocated for her I also like when people were bullying her about Jeff aka Mr Green being her mom s boyfriend she took matters into her own hands and stood up for herself It was really hard on Katie having a teacher as her mom s boyfriend but with the help of her closest friends Mia Emma and Alexis she was able to accept it and she also finally met his daughter Emily Turns out Emily and Katie have a lot in common I won t reread this again because I have so many other books on my TBR pile I recommend for ages 7

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    WARNINGSPOILERS I really loved this book I liked how when Katie was being bullied by Olivia her ex best friend Callie ste

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    Katie's mom is dating Jeff and she wants Katie to meet him The problem is Katie dose not know that Jeff is the new math teacher at school To meet him Katie's mom is inviting him for dinner Katie is a little worried so with the Cupcake Club they decide to make him cupcakes To make matters worst Olivia is saying that Katie is cheatin

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    Everybody is talking about Mr Green the new math teacherhe is really cool But when Katie meets her mom's boyfriendit's MrGreenKatie was not prepared for thisit's awkward and embarrassingKatie decides not to tell anyoneBut when Callie spills the news to Olivia Allen Katie is sure everything will go wrongI'm the

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    35 stars

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    I bought this and Katie and the Cupcake Cure Cupcake Diaries #1 for my 9 year old niece These books are cute if a little preachy Having personally been in situations like the ones the characters encounter the books do a good job at showing that things will be okay

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    The Cupcakers are still making cupcakes and still having growing pains Together they are not only growing a business but they are growing up I a

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    this book is fantastic Its filled with so many surprises of course sprinkled in I could read this all my life

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    Not sure when she read this

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    a lot of sprinkles love

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