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By David L. Nelson,Michael M. Cox Ù 7 review

Ts alone should tell you that I must have found this book pretty remarkable This text was reuired for all three of the biochemistry classes I took as an undergraduate student and it never let me down It contains a positively HUGE amount of information which Nelson and Cox have somehow managed to digest and present for the l. There s a lot to like about this textbook The level of detail is not overwhelming it s not too long and the explanations are mostly clear It has a good glossary and includes short answers to all the problems at the ends of the chapters It provides some physiology in a chapter on mammalian metabolismThe problems with this book are in organization There is no subsection numbering as if all subsections are of eual importance But they aren t there is almost always a hierarchy of relationships which these authors ignore and this makes the chapters much harder to understand Topics are sometimes presented out of order for example the authors present an overall table of transporter classifications but describe the various transporters in a confusingly random order Subsections and paragraphs are sometimes poorly organized so that instead of A leads to B leads to C leads to D leads to conclusion you find A C conclusion B D The Boxes which provide supplementary material are especially poor so much so that I stopped reading them after the first few chapters This text really needs extensive editing I used the 4th edition so maybe later editions are betterIn spite of the problems I like this textbook and refer to it often But if it s the textbook for your class or for self study you should get another textbook as a backup or prepare to spend some time online to understand the less well explained sections

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 Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry

Before I say anything about this book I offer for your consideration the fact that I am not a student of biochemistry; I am a physics graduate student My desire to learn about biochemistry had nothing to do with receiving any sort of degree Then consider the fact that this is the onlycom review I have ever written These fac. I love this book I have an earlier edition of this book that I got when taking undergraduate biochemistry in college That was about a good decade ago Technology changes so fast Though its true molecules and their basic structures tend to stay the same but technology in which biochemistry is being used is constantly advancingI bought this item as an inexpensive used book on and I am so glad I did The simplicity of understanding remains true in this 4th edition book It still packs it with new technology proteomics etc I bought this at the same time of buying a proteomic book but the small discussion the Lehninger book provided on proteomics was good enough that I regret buying the other book I m constantly amazed by how well the authors of this book presents information in a logical accurate and non overly complex format

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Ayperson in a way that is both engaging and understandable The writing style is superb and the visual aids are numerous and of exceptionally high uality How many times while cramming for the next day's test at 300 am have you caught yourself reading material that isn't even covered on the exam just because it's interesting. Yay Biochem This was way cheaper than the newer edition and is essentially the same book

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    Good book. Helpful for any level of biochemistry class one pursues within the college environment. Has enough adequate details as well. Really enjoyed the figures which can supplement the text of the book or the figures which can st

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    What I like the most about this book is that it contains almost all the information that you need to understand biochemistry, information that is not traditionally covered in biochemistry books, but that is need

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    I love this book. I have an earlier edition of this book that I got when taking undergraduate biochemistry in college. That was abo

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    Great product, great price!

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    as described

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    There's a lot to like about this textbook. The level of detail is not overwhelming, it's not too long, and the explanations are mostly clear. It has a good glossary, and includes short answers to all the problems at the ends of the chapters. I

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    Yay Biochem! This was way cheaper than the newer edition and is essentially the same book!

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    This Biochemistry textbook is extremely well written. The figures, tables, and boxes are quite informative, and the problems at the ends of the chapters will challenge you a lot! I really don't know why anyone in the sciences would not like this book. First of all, an incredible amount of data and research went into the making of this book

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    Indispensable if you're studying or interested in molecular biology.

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    This is exactly the text book required for the university course that my daughter is studying. It arrived on time and as it is new it is in perfect condition.

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    had to give five stars here, because this book was in excellent condition, arrived on time, and i got it at a price i can afford. very pleased!

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    Great value in great condition.

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    was in good order

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