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Here is Edward Rutherfurd's classic novel of London a glorious pageant spanning 2000 years He brings this vibrant city's long and nob. A sprawling historical novel as big as London itself it was reuired reading before I went to study abroad and I ve read it twice since Rutherford did an incredible amount of research and it all comes together beautifully The characters family trees carry through the entire history of Britain pre Roman through WWII This book is so dear to my heart

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Le history alive through the ever shifting fortunes fates and intrigues of half a dozen families from the age of Julius Caesar to the. UPDATE An author certainly can t cover every historical event concerning London in a single volume or perhaps even in a series of volumes However to me Rutherford completely skips over a vital part of London s history a cultural one that had a worldwide impact perhaps as much of an impact as other issues Before laughing out loud here me out the world is still reeling from the impact of London s Swinging 60 s things such as fashion the sexual revolution music films class etc When I was a child there were two places North Carolina and London Agatha Christie the Beatles and haircuts etc I did enjoy London but I gotta take one star away from my original five star review ORIGINAL REVIEWWhen King Charles exceeds his powers Parliament revolts Charles decides to govern without Parliament and to make a secret alliance with Scotland so England charges him with treason and chops his head off In public Incompetent rulers thieves murderers etc are still in fashion but so is a kind of hushheard all over the worldthat s the sound of lovers falling in love London s Herman s Hermits pop song from the mid 60s Thus King Charles and hundreds of other characters in this sensational novel are relevant today It would be wonderful to think it s nice we don t have chopping blocks any but in reality we ve simply changed weapons let s not forget that a year ago on June 12 2016 49 adults partying were shot dead at a nightclub in Orlando Florida In London Rutherford tosses his story ingredients to the sky and amazingly keeps the words flowing for 1124 pages of literary heaven This masterpiece of historical fiction is right up there with Follett s mesmerizing Pillars of the Earth which if I recall correctly opens with violence Some things never change and thankfully one of those things is yes the sound of hush Oh and as a side note the cover of the paperback edition I read was absorbing I could absolutely see the image of the Eifel Tower rising among the clouds perhaps a subliminal message from Rutherford that his Paris is coming soonbut those other cloudsand what exactly are all those characters doinggotta give this novel itself a PG rating but that cover is definitely closing in on an R rating

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20th century Generation after generation these families embody the passion struggle wealth and verve of the greatest city in the wor. If you happen to like hauling around 1000 page books with you for weeks you ll love this one Although not in the same league as Ken Follett s Pillars of the Earth and World Without End this is a nice book for Follett fans who are suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms after finishing those two great novels I probably could have done without the first 200 pages I really didn t need to know how the White Cliffs of Dover were formed to lead into the rest of the book but once I got past the first several centuries the book became much interesting It also took a while for me to feel connection with the characters Rutherfurd covers far actual history than Follett I found myself spending a lot of time Googling specific historical events as I read along This book is taking me a long time to read because I wanted to see what the Tower of London looked like I wanted to read about London Bridge I even rented several DVDs that coincided with the time period in the book to get a feel of the culture costumes and setting as I read I don t believe any book has ever engaged me to this degree I certainly wouldn t consider myself a history geek so it is a pleasant surprise that I am truly enjoying learning so much about British history I am looking forward to finally finishing London about 100 pages to go and reading some of the other epics by Rutherfurd After all I ve built up such great arm muscles already

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    This epic work really does bring history alive in your as Rutherford moves from chapter to chapter effortlessly tracing the history of the remarkable city London and 5 remarkable familiesThere is not a dull momen

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    A sprawling hi

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    The third book of Rutherford's that I've read of this type Have previously read Sarum and Russka and this book pretty much followed those; nothing really surprising or extraordinary about this bookI suggest reading this book for of the historical facts than any sort of story telling As a history of London and England it's nice in that it's not too dry and involves a little bit of fictional aspects However th

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    I did not like this book and probably won't finish it though I'm 34 of the way through The author goes from life to life

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    UPDATE An author certainly can't cover every historical event concerning London in a single volume or perhaps even in a series of volumes However to me Rutherford completely skips over a vital part of London's history a cultural one that had a

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    London stretches all the way from Roman times to the present The author tells stories at the most dramatic moments of that city's history leaping from Caesar's invasion to the Norman Conuest to the Great Fire to the Blitz with many stops in between London is ambitious and students of English history will eat it up I really enjoyed this one

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    If you happen to like hauling around 1000 page books with you for weeks you'll love this one Although not in the same leagu

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    This was like a cross between a history textbook and One Hundred Years of Solitude It's the history of London since before the Roman invasion till modern times told through life stories of generations upon generat

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    Ugh Every physical description of a female character began and ended with her breasts Wooden prose stilted dialogue actually the only thing I enjoyed about this book were the descriptions of London as it grew and changed If Rutherfurd had written a story about the city itself rather than bringing characters into it I might

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    It's odd to read a 1124 page novel and feel that it's too short This is not a haute literature novel but rather a sprawling ramble through the history of London the terrain and its people made accessible through a series of chronological tales told through the ages As with Sarum Mr Rutherfurd follows different families over the ce

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