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And into our heartsYou can celebrate this incredible milestone with this golden jacketed limited hardback edition of the original classic story featuring bonus content· The story of the making of the classic?. Got both the hardcover and board book versions hardcover much better to read larger words and beautiful illustrations on glossy thick paper good uality board book version is much smaller words are tiny illustrations still vibrant kept this because thought it would hold up better in hands of 1 yr old also kept the hardcover to read as baby learns how to treat pages gently

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition

? A letter to the reader from Eric Carle himself Since its first publication in 1969The Very Hungry Caterpillar has now sold over 50 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over sixty two language. The color in the illustrations is vibrant Some updates have been made to the illustrations making them crisp The pages are strong and will hold up to toddler fingers I also have a paperback edition of this book published by Scholastic in the 1970s The difference in color uality is shocking making purchase of this hardback worthwhile

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In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf Every child should have a copy Daily Telegraph2019 marks 50 years since The Very Hungry Caterpillar first munched his way through a variety of delicious food. The problem with reviews is that some people are reviewing the content of the story while other people are reviewing the uality of the product and they don t always match upThe story of course is a classic We had the Very Hungry Caterpillar as a board book from the time my kid was born until a cat hairballed on it a couple years later I didn t replace it because I figured he was outgrowing board books anyway However when we saw it as a paperback at his dentist s office a few weeks ago he got so excited that I realized we need to own it againThe actual book however didn t have the pages cut or holes punched where the caterpillar eats through the foods That s always been a defining feature of this book so it s just not the same I m returning it and will have to try again from an actual store where I can flip through it first

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    The problem with reviews is that some people are reviewing the content of the story while other people are reviewing the quality of the product, and they don't always match up.

    The story, of course, is a c

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    It's still awesome. This was my first book I read on my own as a child and likely contributed to my obsession with insects which turned into a major entomology hobby later on in life. While the basic idea of metamorphosis is presented well, obviously it's not totally accurate. However, my kids love this book anyway. Thanks

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    As godmother of a two year old, I do a lot of reading aloud, and this is the favorite book of both of us. She is rapt through reading after reading, and I still like it myself. Part of the fun is exaggerating the voice when reading. and he was still hungry!. It has totally escaped her notice that she is learning her numbers. I also recently purchased another copy for the 18 month old daughter of a friend, and he reports

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    Got both the hardcover and board book versions. hardcover much better to read, larger words and beautiful illustrations on glossy thick paper, good quality. board book version is much smaller, words are tiny, ill

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    From what I can tell, buying this item New is the only way to go if you want the stuffed caterpillar with it. All the sellers I contacted here and on eBay about buying it used said the stuffed caterpillar was not included. (Which doesn’t surprise me, since I don’t expect the caterpillar to last long before it’s torn, dirtie

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    I love this book it is one of my favorites but I was disappointed when it opened the book and it did not have the flip pages that reveal the next fruit of the day. My kids were confused and kept counting the vegetables from the day before. My purpose was to use it as book a counting but I had to keep explaining that they don’t count the first group they just count the second group.

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    LOVE this book. I had a paperback copy as a child, but my little one was a bit rough on paper pages and I didn't want my childhood copy to get ruined, but also didn't want my child to not get to hear/read one of my all time favorite stories. It has withstood so far, with the exception that the jacket comes off, which isn't

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    The color in the illustrations is vibrant. Some updates have been made to the illustrations making them crisp. The pages a

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    This is a small box gift. I wasn’t overly impressed looking at it but have made returns a bit difficult now so I decided to keep it upon opening the soft toy is small and the book is the part I am most disappointed with the outside of the book is hard the pages are paper the writing is small and the holes are small too I wouldn’t buy this as a gift nor would I have kept it ideally not ideal for small children. Dissapointed i

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    To my surpize it was delivered as a magazine format with very thin paper pages, absolutely impossible to handle for my nearly 2 year old. I was very disappointed , a waste of money. The book got destroyed within few touches in my opinion the seller has to show clearly which type of book they are selling , if i knew before its a simp

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    Delighted when book arrived as I had seen previous reviews about the poor quality. The book was perfect! It was great quali

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    I work in a Coffee Shop and to try and do something different, I do children's readings once a month. The latest was the very hungry caterpillar. I drew a big collage and got the kids to colour it in, there was a couple of caterpillars, 3D words the very hungry caterpillar , all the fruits we

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    Bought the electronic version so I could read BedTime Stories to GrandChildren over the internet during LockDown.
    Worked amazingly well.
    The story is an long time favourite, if one of my GCs had his way I would read it again and again and again.

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