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  • Hardcover
  • 288
  • Feminasty
  • Erin Gibson
  • English
  • 14 May 2019
  • 9781455571864

10 thoughts on “Feminasty

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    The perfect audiobook to listen to while walking around in Whole Foods eating cotton candy grapes

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    Too bad I don't give a fuck about what the patriarchy wantsI've been listening to the Throwing Shade podcast since I began even listening to podcasts it was one of my first discoveries and I still listen religiously every week Erin Gibson co hosts the show with the just as amazing Bryan Safi and together they tackle all LGBT issues as well as feminist ones too So when I heard Erin was releasing a book I knew I needed it yesterday And let me tell you it was every bit as honest scathing bold provocative and hilarious as I expected it to be I do have a huge girl crush on Erin 3Gibson tackles a plethora of different feminist issues in this book of essays from how we are told we should dress to how we are encouraged to join the STEM fields but we are never actually treated like we truly belong Each self contained essay had me almost crying with laughter whilst also simultaneously filling me with a deep rage in a way that only Erin knows how to doBut hey don't just take my word for it If feminist literature floats your boat and you don't mind blunt and graphic depictions of body fluids don't worry it's incredibly relevant then pick up Feminasty Or at least listen to Throwing Shade and look absolutely insane laughing your head off while stuck in trafficGibson sets the tone with her dedication and that's how I'll end my reviewTo women You are not my competition

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    I've been reading a lot of feminist essays lately I wonder why? and I was super excited to read Erin Gibson's book I finished it in two days and loved it I deal with bad situations using humor so I loved her writing style but I also learned uite a bit Highly recommend for anyone who needs to laugh while being angry my default state

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    So I read this book for my book club and I know it's supposed to be both informative and funny but I found it to be neither really I think the book was written for a specific target audience that would already agree with most of the material but I feel that it lacks the information for someone who just picked up the bookThe book is well put together but I found the footnotes to be a little monotonous I also just can't get into her brand of humor which I think ultimately killed the book for me Sadness I did laugh at a couple of spots though and I liked the tidbits on buying cosmetics from women So all in all I didn't love the book but I didn't hate it either really Perhaps this book just wasn't for me but it definitely could be for other people

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    i'm in a special kind of hell where other women think they're giving worthwhile commentary on feminism by talking about giving blowjobs while wearing their invisalign retainers

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    One day read I started crying at the dedication To women You are not my competition and the rest of my day has been a ragedelight sandwich Loved it to bits

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    Never will you ever meet another human like Erin Gibson She will shock you into giving a fuck Let her tell you the million different ways she describes vaginas in a graphic sense than you could ever imagine I want her to narrate my life and I want to be her when I grow up now

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    I wouldn’t call myself a prude by a long shot but Gibson doesn’t hold back on the nasty Raucous unapologetic and broad sweeping My first introduction to Gibblertron I’m still open to giving her podcast Throwing Shade a chance Feminasty takes on life in the patriarchy with humor from a woman living out loud

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    I have already dubbed Erin Gibson my inner nasty feminist icon I usually try to be level headed and polite when it comes to debates about women's issues so Erin's way of vocalizing the anger and frustration is like the devil on my shoulder being handed a megaphone The creativity and lengths she goes to spotlight the ridiculous hypocrisy irony and absurdity of our current political and social environment never ceased to amaze me She can get a bit heavy handed sometimes but her arguments are founded in REAL evidence and REAL experiencesevents and she cites her sources in the back of the book and on top of that she does it in a hilarious and sarcastic way There was so much in the book that I had never realized or heard of concerning women's history and other seedy dealing concerning legislation and politics Beyond talking about political topics she also shares some of her own personal anecdotes So much of what she talks about is instantly relatable to any woman during these modern times I had the honor of seeing her during her book tour only a week after the Brett Kavanaugh hearing and let me tell you I have never felt so safe and supported with a group of women than during that event This book came at the perfect time in my life and was such a great way to feel less alone during times of exhaustion and defeat Every woman and men should go out and read this book It may not be the most refined feminist text out there but it definitely opens a window into the angry exasperation of being a woman Her comedic approach was perfect for a topic that hits so close to home If you dont laugh about it you would cry about how fucked up it is

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    Expected publication September 4th 2018 NOPE TOO FAR I NEED IT NOW

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F make you laugh until you cry essays that expose the hidden rules that make life as a woman unnecessarily hard and deconstructs them in a way that's bold provocative and hilarious Whether it's shaming women for having their periods allowing them into STEM fields but never treating them like they truly belong or dictating strict rules for how they should dress in every situation Erin breaks down the organized chaos of old fashioned sexism intentional and otherwise that systemically keeps women dow I wouldn’t cal

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Cles are obvious uneual pay under representation in government reproductive restrictions lack of floor length mirrors in hotel rooms But a lot of them are harder to identify They're the white noise of oppression that we've accepted as lady business as usual and the patriarchy wants to keep it that way Erin Gibson has a singular goal to create a utopian future where women are recognized as humans In Feminasty titled after her nickname on the hit podcast Throwing Shade she has written a collection o i'm in a special

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From the wickedly funny and feminist creator and host of the Throwing Shade podcast a collection of hilarious personal essays and political commentary perfect for fans of Lindy West and Roxane Gay Since women earned the right to vote a little under one hundred years ago our progress hasn't been the Olympic sprint toward gender euality first wave feminists hoped for but of a slow elderly mall walk with freuent stops to Cinnabon over the four hundred million hurdles we still face Some of these obsta The perfect audi