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    “Hello Mr Ellroy”“Mr Kemper I hear that you are somewhat familiar with me?”“I am”“Please tell me what you know Be succinct”“You are haunted by the unsolved murder of your mother which occurred when you w

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    Vacuuming I loathe vacuuming It is outranked in its futility and annoyance only by laundry Thus I read and read while my house becomes dirtier and dirtier Until Perfidia That fateful afternoon when I put down Perfidia unable to force myself to read any longer and did the unthinkableI start with the staircase which is the easiest and most gratifying part of the house to vacuum given its hardwood floors and lack of obstacles Begon

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    I would think that since James Ellroy is one of my favorite living novelists that I’d check every now and then to see if a new boo

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    awesome just awesome one of the best portraits of obsession in all of fictionone of those books that just tractor beams the reader grinds her up and shits her out blast me forth from your rectum mr ellroy gobble me whole and crap me out do it do it do it it's awe inspiring what ellroy does here grabs tons of characters

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    When it comes to crime fiction I cut my teeth hell I fractured my fucking jaw on James Ellroy's LA uartet And as far as I am concerned many imitate the man's style but this particular king is in no danger of being dethroned in this l

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    Where do I even begin to start?? Most all of us have heard of James Ellroy but I must admit that I was only familiar with his work by reputation and from the movie LA Confidential I have purchased his books but never read one until I decided to start this It grabs you from the beginning and I am amazed at the intricate plot and wo

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    Big bold and uncompromising if you haven’t read Ellroy before this probably isn’t a good place to start His 'house style' uniue eclectic perhaps even eccentric full of police and other slang which he never deigns to explain is on full display here and we just have to plunge ourselves into his corrupt and ta

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    I have so few auto buy authors these days I used to have many but one by one I drop them when the stories turn predictable and the writing stale One actually died but anywayEllroy is heavy reading and his dirty staccato style is what makes the scenery come alive If you've glommed the rest of his catalog you know several

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    I guess when the notion of shared ownership was developed for the movies – so that the various Marvel superheroes movies and forthcoming Star Wars films all share characters and plots – James Ellroy was one of the lucky recipients of the original memo As here we have the first of a new series of crime novels which link directly into his LA uartet and The Underworld USA Trilogy and I will personally be disappointed if there aren’t refe

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    Before I get into it all allow me to make a few statements for context; I have read every one of Elloy's novels My first exp

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Ένα συναρπαστικό αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα από τον μετρ του είδους 6 Δεκεμβρίου 1941 Ο B΄ Παγκόσμιος Πόλεμος μαίνεται στην Ευρώπη και οι τελευταίες ελπίδες των Αμερικανών για ειρήνη εξανεμίζονται –οι Ιάπωνες μόλις βομβάρδισαν το Περλ Χάρμπορ Το Λος Άντζελες παράδεισος έως τώρα για τους Αμερικανοϊάπωνες ξαφνικά κυριεύεται από πολεμικό πυρετό και ρατσιστικό μίσοςΗ σατανική δολοφονία μιας οικογένειας Ιαπ. I would think that since James Ellroy is one of my favorite living novelists that I d check every now and then to see if a new book is in the works Nope I think I treat all my favorites as Pynchon s new books may come out at some point but they will be rare like unicorns so it s not worth poking around to see if you can find one and this would be a sad way to find unicorns because you re guaranteed to probably never find on if you never look But my lack of awareness paid off nicely when after months of putting off looking through any of the Book Expo of America BEA materials I finally succumbed on the night before it started and saw James Ellory is signing at 3pm at Random House One might think that at this point I d fire up the magic machine that gives information about all kinds of things and look up James Ellory and New Book or maybe even go to the little search function at the top of this page and type in James Ellroy and see what his new book was Nope Didn t do that either which wouldn t have been difficult since I was on this magical information giving machine at the timeInstead I typed Random House Friday 2pm David Mitchell 3pm James Ellroy and added to a magical program on the machine that would allow me to see what I typed on the first magical machine on an eually magical pocket sized version of the machine What wondrous times we live in My lack of initiative to find out what exactly I was going to be getting signed by James Ellroy didn t stop me from bothering Karen with uestions about what the book could be Do you think it s a long book Do you think it is one of those very nice looking re issues with a Chip Kidd cover but which are ultimately kind of unsatisfying Do you think it s a continuation of the American Trilogy Of course Karen didn t know and maybe some of these uestions I kept to myself but I did wonder about them and again I did nothing to satisfy my curiosity This all lead to a nice surprise First that I d get to have anything signed by James Ellory who I hadn t even thought might be at BEA and second because it was a major novel I didn t realize this though until a few seconds before he signed a copy of the book and handed it to me though Even when I finally broke down and looked up to see what I d be standing in line to get I still only gave a cursory glance at the description and felt a little disappointed Japanese Americans World War 2 Los Angeles I wanted some American History to keep on rolling from where his last novel left off Give the dirt and collusion on Reagan s America slander the Clintons You don t always get what you want Still reading After a fairly unsatisfying moment of getting to meet James Ellroy I leafed through the new tome in my hands and thought wow this is going to be awesome I saw the book ended with a list of characters and where else they appear in the seven novels that make up the LA and Underworld series of novels Saw that this was the first of a uartet that would be part of the same world but come before the start of The Black Dahlia Saw lots of familiar names Hello old morally dubious friendsAnd of course this was the first thing I read as soon as I got home from BEA ok this is a lie I finished the new Hardcase Lawrence Block that I got about two hours before Perfidia but I had started it while waiting on the Random House lines so while technically a BEA book it shouldn t count There were so many books that I d picked up in the few days there that I was excited to read but none of them had any chance of being read before this 700 page novel which Ellroy says is his longest page count novel I feel like his last couple were longer but it might have just been the scope and writing style that packed so much into the pages than this one didPreambling enough I should talk about the book The title comes from a song specifically the Glenn Miller version of it You can listen to it while reading the rest of this review or just imagine that you re part of Dudley Smith s opium induced imagination starts on December 6th 1941 A Saturday morning with a stake out of a pharmacy that had been held up multiple times in the past month LAPD s only Japanese cop has created a device to take pictures automatically of every license plate that parks in front of the pharmacy He and Ray Pinker sit and watch to see if the device works and it isn t long before the store is held up This is how Ellroy decided to start his saga that would result in all the bad shit that goes down through the seven other books A simple armed robbery Later in the day a Japanese family is found dead in their house Mom dad their panty sniffing pervy son and young daughter Seppuku A note about the coming apocalypse December 6th The next morning obviously is Pearl Harbor The story is told from four perspectives with each chapter switching from one to the other this can get a little confusing it spots because after the first go around you aren t told whose perspective you are seeing you just have to remember that it goes Hideo Ashida Kay Lake William Parker Dudley Smith This isn t usually difficult but there are a couple of spots when the characters start colluding where it took me a bit to figure out where we wereAshida is the only Japanese cop on the LAPD mentioned above Kay Lake is a young dilettante with dubious morals William Parker is a real life LAPD cop and would be the chief of police in the 1950 s and 60 s And finally Dudley Smith the menacing villain through much of the original LA uartetThis novel follows the last weeks of 1941 as World War 2 is beginning for the United States Japanese Americans in Los Angeles are being rounded up and internment camps are looming as the new must be places to live of February 1942 As civil rights are being trampled the case of the Japanese family is turned into a public relations tool Corruption is everywhere and all four of the main characters are colluding for various advantages of life during wartime It s fairly standard Ellroy stuff A few really tough guys holding each other by the balls while pointing a throw down piece at the other one s head and some people who have to collude with these tough guys if they are going to survive But it s in these conspiracies within conspiracies that Ellroy excels and the scale might be smaller than in American Tabloid where a president ultimately gets killed by these schemes but they are still just as engaging to read The stand out in this novel was Dudley Smith It s been years since I read the LA uartet so some of my memories are hazy but what I remember in those was Dudley Smith as a looming menace An untouchable corrupt and brutal cop who let nothing get in his way Here we see the rise of Dudley Smith he s already the exemplar of the brutal Irish cop but there is also the humane side of him exposed He comes across like Pete Bondurant would become as his story unfolded in The Cold Six Thousand I m probably going to remember this book as the Ballad of Dudley Smithspoiler for those who have read Black Dahliaview spoilerWas he the father of Elizabeth Short in the original novel I don t remember him being so I ll have to go back and read that one when I get the time hide spoiler

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ώνων φέρνει κοντά τέσσερις διαφορετικούς ανθρώπους Ο αστυνόμος Γουίλιαμ Πάρκερ είναι χαρισματικός αλλά διαποτισμένος από αμφίβολες ιδεολογίες Συγκρούεται με τον διεφθαρμένο αρχιφύλακα Ντάντλεϊ Σμιθ Ιρλανδό μετανάστη και πρώην δολοφόνο του IRA Ο Χιντέο Ασίντα είναι ο μόνος Ιάπωνας στο Εγκληματολογικό της Αστυνομίας του Λος Άντζελες Η Κέι Λέικ είναι μια νέα διανοούμενη που αναζητά την περιπέτεια Θα ?. When it comes to crime fiction I cut my teeth hell I fractured my fucking jaw on James Ellroy s LA uartet And as far as I am concerned many imitate the man s style but this particular king is in no danger of being dethroned in this lifetime Every handful of years or so when a new backbreaker by Ellroy struts onto the bookstore shelf I m one of the first suckers clawing my way through the pages I ll go on the record and say that since Ellroy wrote The Black Dahlia and began his long task of rewriting the last half of 20th century American history as a sleazy pulp novel he has redefined what a crime novel is capable of Ellroy s LA is a world where cops are criminals politicians are criminals where everyone is a criminal and occasionally some of these criminals aren t as terrible of monsters as the rest Neither optimism nor nostalgia are notions Ellroy tries to sell his readersSadly Perfidia which is supposed to launch a preuel uartet of novels that will tie together all the strings of his LA uartet and his Underworld USA trilogy into one cohesive work crumbles under its own ambition and Ellroy s Ellroy ness as a writer is completely to blame I don t really have the heart to take the scalpel to this book and besides fellow Ellroy devotee Kemper did a wonderful job at pointing out all the cracks in the Ellroy fa ade in his own review and in a much thoughtful and creative way than I can imagine His beefs are my beefs with the writing the plotting and the historical context I will briefly add that several of the characters who serve as this novel s protagonists have played large roles in previous chronologically later installments and much of the information that is revealed about them as well as their actions during these wild days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor don t match up with what has already been written which goes against Ellroy s whole mission statement of making this series of tentatively eleven books gel together as one long as life uber novel Also knowing the fate of every character in the book removes a lot of the tension of wondering who the hell is going to manage to walk away from this book alive For those not in the know Ellroy is most likely the originator of the literary trope of having one character empty an entire clip of a gun point blank into the head of another characterBut why three stars Because it is still an Ellroy It s a big bold incredibly violent wild densely plotted rude nightmarish sexy morally reprehensible novel written in a completely idiosyncratic bee bop staccato of simple sentences New readers may find a lot to love in this book Me I m just hoping he works out some of these kinks by next book

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?μπλακούν και οι τέσσερις στην έρευνα για την εξιχνίαση της υπόθεσης και θα βρεθούν στο επίκεντρο ενός πολιτικού κυκλώνα –σύντροφοι αντίπαλοι εραστές πιόνια της ΙστορίαςΜε το Perfidia ο Ellroy εγκαινιάζει τη δεύτερη Τετραλογία του Λος Άντζελες και αποτυπώνει μια στιγμή της Ιστορίας με συγκλονιστικό τρόπο Μας καλεί να εξιχνιάσουμε ένα μεγάλο έγκλημα που με τη σειρά του εξηγεί το έγκλημα του ίδιου του πολέμο. I have so few auto buy authors these days I used to have many but one by one I drop them when the stories turn predictable and the writing stale One actually died but anywayEllroy is heavy reading and his dirty staccato style is what makes the scenery come alive If you ve glommed the rest of his catalog you know several players here Perfidia is a preuel of sorts to his other series It begins just before the attack on Pearl Harbor with the murder of a Japanese family in LA Throughout the investigation the story peels away layers to reveal corruption within the police force sympathies for opposing forces and a lot of bad language Ellroy doesn t write rainbows and unicornsThe only problem I have with Ellroy s books is I have to go back and read the others again to jar my memory One day I ll sit and have a good bingeAs much as I love books I don t explode into rainbows often when I hear of a pending release but but but new James Ellroy