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Even frustrated and confused by her unexpected reactions to certain words spoken by her three friends most notably whenever those friends mention how they are all there to just have a good time Just what is the source of those mysterious lights what could be the ultimate mystery behind Horror Beach Will any of Katie's friends ever notice what she does in the sky or is she simply imagining things Most importantly will they ever realize that they are not that far up the coast from a certain private strip club restaurant that most likely has a lot to do with whoring than horror HallowKreme concludes with a visit to everyone's favorite place to satisfy all appetites The Seamen Shack where business is banging even miles away on a lonely beach.

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Whore ified at Horror Beach HallowKreme 2018 Book 15

A dark lonely stretch of beach is the setting for four close college friends who grew up together Gathered together under a full moon with a campfire burning the lone girl in the foursome Katie assumes it's just to tell spooky stories and naturally she assumes those stories are nothing than stories In the end Katie may be surprised by a lot of things least of all the reasons the guys all call this stretch of sand Horror Beach Katie grew up with three best guy friends like older brothers watching out for her Whether it's the lone black friend Rashaad the biggest and most protective of the bunch or the corny and entertaining Dave and Kirk they always got along great Now in college the four have come to Horror Beach a place in recent years r.

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Eported to have mysterious lights in the sky around Halloween As Dave and Kirk tell it Horror Beach earned the nickname because of all the strange occurrences the lights people going missing some of those missing returning but with almost body swapped features similar but different reportedly knowing nothing unusual about their very changed behavior As the group gets into the spirit of telling spooky stories around the campfire the intention they each know is just to have a good time but when Katie spots some weird colorful lights in the sky and everyone else misses them the night takes a very odd turn Assuring them she isn't kidding around Katie is increasingly frustrated by the fact she keeps seeing these distant lights in the sky She's.

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