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Oronado's resident playboy who is infatuated with the famous ghost who haunts t.

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The Danish Pastry 1

He hotel who happens to look just like the runaway princessRomanceParanormalHum.

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Leslee Larsen a runaway princess from Denmark runs into the arms of Hotel Del C.

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    “The Danish Pastry” by LaRae Parry is a very entertaining love story with a paranormal twist The characters are interesting and the experiences they go through are humorous as well as heart wrenchingThe very first character we are introduced to is Leslee Larsen who is running away for Denmark because her father wants her agree to an arranged marriage Did I mention her father is a king and she’s the princess of D

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    Readers rejoice and relax this is a story that anyone can read and every character in the story is portrayed positively which is a nice change from other books nowadaysThe stage is set for a clash of social class when a wealthy spoiled rotten princess escapes to try a middle class way of life unknown in her target country the United StatesFans of light hearted popcorn fare movies such as Legally Blonde and Troop Beverly Hills will like thi