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Phelia devises a treacherous plan to escape from Elsinore forever with one very dangerous secretLisa Klein's Ophelia tells the story of a young woman falling in love searching for her place in the world and finding the strength to survive Sharp and literary dark and romantic this dramatic story holds readers in its grip until the final heartrending scene Seriously this is Hamlet fanfic with OpheliaHoratio as the OTPI can't help but compare this Censored romantic this dramatic story holds さくら荘のペットな彼女 9 readers in its grip until the final heartrending scene Seriously this is Hamlet fanfic with OpheliaHoratio as the OTPI can't help but compare this

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Ophelia author Lisa M. Klein

He is Hamlet Prince of Denmark; she is simply Ophelia If you think you know their story think againIn this reimagining of Shakespeare's famous tragedy it is Ophelia who takes center stage A rowdy motherless girl she grows up at Elsinore Castle to become the ueen's most trusted lady in waiting Ambitious for knowledge and witty as well as beautiful Ophelia Okay so I think my star rating needs some explaining I loved Part 1 and most of Part 2 If t Naughty Bedtime Stories (Naughty Bedtime Series Book 2) reimagining of Shakespeare's famous tragedy it is Ophelia who takes center stage A Grandmother Moon rowdy motherless girl she grows up at Elsinore Castle to become the ueen's most trusted lady in waiting Ambitious for knowledge and witty as well as beautiful Ophelia Okay so I think my star Practical Prinkery rating needs some explaining I loved Part 1 and most of Part 2 If t

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Learns the ways of power in a court where nothing is as it seems When she catches the attention of the captivating dark haired Prince Hamlet their love blossoms in secret But bloody deeds soon turn Denmark into a place of madness and Ophelia's happiness is shattered Ultimately she must choose between her love for Hamlet and her own life In desperation O ”I had wanted to be the author of my tale not merely a player in Hamlet’s drama or a p

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    Headstrong Ophelia is the youngest lady in waiting to ueen Gertrude of Denmark Gertrude is both the pious and kindly mother that Ophelia never had and the cool aunt who lets the girl read courtly romances philosophy and bawdy poems Ophelia is also learning herbalogy from a local midwife cheerfully pranking a mean girl at court and nursing a giant crush on Prince Hamlet The fun and games come to a shocking halt while the prince is abroad The King is murdered by his brother Claudius who uickly marries Gertrude The court is a gloomy uneasy place when Hamlet and his best friend Horatio returnand as supernatural visions give way to revenge plots mistaken murders and lunacy Ophelia realizes that she can’t save her Prince or her court only herself and the secret she carries insideContent Advisory Violence Ophelia is harassed and molested by a royal guard named Edmund Claudius assassinates Hamlet Sr by pouring poison into the latter’s ear while he napped in the palace orchard Assorted stabbings none of which are shown A character drinks a poison to induce a coma Someone apparently commits suicide Two disturbed young men jump into a grave with a dead girl—the sister of one and beloved of the other—and slug it out over which of them loved her Sex Hamlet and Ophelia see Claudius slobbering all over Gertrude in public and are disgusted So disgusted are they that they promptly go off and have sex themselves The next day they are secretly married by a village priest off the palace grounds We see them kissing and cuddling but no racy details are given A kid reading this will learn nothing about sex that they didn’t already know Language Mild modern profanities and a few Elizabethan insults Substance Abuse Claudius is always hammered in this interpretation Nightmare Fuel view spoilerOphelia’s childbirth experience is described in a terrifying way and apparently there was a lot of blood she was in and out of consciousness for most of it hide spoiler

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    If I have to choose which one of Shakespeare's tragidies is my favorite I'd hands down and without a doubt choose Hamlet It's been my favorite tragey by Shakespeare from the moment i got introduced to his works which was a long time agoBefore reading the book I watched the movie Ophelia which is not the right thing to do I know Most of the time I read the book then watch the movie but I completley forgot that I had this book and that the movie was specifically based on this Anyway It was so refreshing that both book and movie were from Ophelia's PoV I always loved this character next to Hamlet of coourse and how the procedures led her to madnessI liked that the author wanted to focus on Ophelia and her actions although the ending was changed from the original story but I didn't mind it at allDefinitely recommed this book the those who love Shakespeare and retellings

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    Okay so I think my star rating needs some explaining I loved Part 1 and most of Part 2 If the book had stopped there I would have given this 3 4 stars Probably 4 But now the book continues for another 100 pages of the most boring rambling Finding God story arch which doesn't so much arch as drivels along in a slow straight lineI thought the whole last third of the book was so bad the entire story gets 1 starI had to skim through most of the ending because it was so boring Ophelia didn't grow she became petulant She didn't want to the kid then she did She couldn't tell anyone who she was or where she was from or that she was carrying a kid Um last time I checked on small framed women you can't even hide that under a cloakmumudrapes of fabric That they couldn't tell until basically she was giving birth? Really?I knew a girl who tried to hide her pregnancy as a teen She got fat in all the pregnant places and by month 7 we all knew she was going to have a baby So first 23rds of the books 4 stars add int he last 100 pages negative 3 stars Rounding it out to 1

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    ”I had wanted to be the author of my tale not merely a player in Hamlet’s drama or a pawn in the court’s deadly game But what had I gained instead?” Synopsis ‘Do you know how hard it’s been to be labeled insane for over 400 years?’ cries Hamlet to any disparaging soul willing to listen‘Hold my beer’ mutters Ophelia Biblio Babble Feminist Shakespeare for the Win Despite the archaic times he lived in Shakespeare’s female characters especially in his comedies were known for their sharp wit fierce intelligence and even sharper minds However Ophelia is not one of those characters She may be Hamlet’s beloved but we get little to know insight into her character and what we do see is marred by madness and babbling Lisa Klein saw a serious opportunity to right the wrongs of Ophelia and rewrites her story not only to give her side but to give her character and depth And she succeeds The Ophelia in this version rivals even the wittiest of Shakespeare’s original creations with her dry humor sharp intellect and inability to let any man get in the way of telling her what to do She recognizes and speaks out against the double standards that men and women faced back than and still do now for that matter and is not afraid to put them in their place And she did this in a way that felt true to the time period not as if a Riot GRRLLL suddenly crashed the 1600s both in mannerisms and social situations Boyfriend of the Year He Isn’t A while ago Jean Rhys decided to write a feminist reimagining of Jane Eyre focusing on Bertha Mason view spoilerthe first wife of Mr Rochester who so memorably gets locked up in the attic This really shouldn’t be a spoiler but so I don’t get trolls in my mentions yelling at me for spoiling the story I marked it as such hide spoiler

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    I realize the author mostly wrote this for herself intrigued with the idea that there might have been to Hamlet than meets the eye It's an interesting concept to think Ophelia might have been faking her insanity and even her death but I didn't like what the author did with itOf course as with many modern novels set in olden times the author felt the need to drive home the point that Ophelia was a tomboy I guess many female authors put this trait to their girl characters thinking it'll make them admired to be different in a society that's supposed to be full of meek polite feminine girls Maybe we'll like the character if she's strong and athletic rather than delicate She laughs in the face of adversity Sure If I'm not mistaken the author also tried to drive home the point that Ophelia was intelligent when most girls in that time didn't get much of an education I feel like this is part of that same tactic Very annoyingI hated the characters in this renewal Hamlet might as well not have been there and I didn't feel like their love was as groundbreaking as the author tried to portray Ophelia wasn't likeable and ueen Gertrude apparently likes her servants to read erotica to her HmmHere's another common occurrence in books such as these the girl loses her virginity to a guy she's not even married to and doesn't even pause to fret about it beforehand She just DOES it I realize not all girls in all times were so pristine but girls brought up well in those times would certainly have stopped to worry about something like that since virginity was of such importance back then at least with the women It would have been realistic if the guy was pressuring her into doing it and she only gave in in the end because she wanted to please him You'd think the girl would at least stop to worry that maybe just maybe she might get pregnantI lament that this Ophelia didn't have a deterioration of mind like Shakespeare's Ophelia did as that's my favorite part about her but I know the author was setting out to portray a possibility of a different scenario so I tried not to let it bother me Ophelia fakes her death highly unlikely and ends up in a convent completely composed to be in the presence of nuns when she uickly gave up her virginity without being married to some guy RightActually I feel like the convent part of the book is the only good part in it though others might find it boring And in the end the author feels the need to pair her up with a man Who but Horatio who I doubt would have gotten with his newly dead best friend's ex girlfriend I also doubt Ophelia would have gotten with him if she'd really been so wholly in love with Hamlet And then happily ever after Uh huhKudos for trying Lisa Klein but I like my Ophelia to be feminine naive and tending to insanity

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    To be completely honest I'm perplexed as to why people were unimpressed Shakespeare is hard to do and I think for what it was she did an amazing job No it wasn't perfect But I think that even attempting a project like this is ambitious and I think she kind of nailed it to be frankIt was sculpted wonderfully had many different emotions coursing through the pages and left you thinking by the end Those are three very positive things and I was impressed It may have been short but there was life in it that made it a rather heavy book definitely not a light read

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    25 stars

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    I think this idea is fabulous I played Hamlet myself in an all female production and was really interested in hearing different ideas about what went on between Ophelia and Hamlet as my Ophelia and I played with those ideas on stage A look into Ophelia's mentality throughout the process of the play also interested me greatlyThat said I think this book is terrible The author's patching bits of the original Shakespearean text into scenes that aren't in the play and then using dialogue that is obviously trying to sound like early modern English but doesn't in scenes that ARE in the play really bugged me I understand wanting to make the play's scenes accessible to a modern audience and I applaud any effort to do so but Klein's use of the text made it an awkward readI DO really appreciate that she played with the theories that Ophelia and Hamlet had a sexual relationship and that Ophelia is pregnant Though neither of those theories are strongly supported textually they are very very possible and a lot of fun to play around with when you're IN or directing the play I'm not saying what Kenneth Branagh did in his film was cool I still don't like him In that respect I think the book had a chance at redeeming itselfBUT then came the plot I like many dove into this book expecting the characters and plot of Shakespeare's Hamlet In their stead I found cardboard cut outs of the characters and a complete soap opera made out of the gory offal of Shakespeare's beautiful play Klein narrowed Hamlet's thousands of dimensions down to about two Ophelia became the typical Young Adult heroine rather than the gripping victim of Hamlet's plight I'm not even going to talk about Gertrude I have no idea what was going on thereI understand the plot was a re imagining but come on That plot was something out of General Hospital I kept picturing Claudius as that Sunny character I couldn't help laughing out loud when Ophelia actually went to a nunnery That OpheliaHoratio twist was just five steps over the line Nuh uh Now way That would not could not happen Not for Ophelia and DEFINITELY not for Horatio Overall characterization and the plot twist ruined everything for me and unmade my day like a muddy dog unmakes a bed This book just went to prove that you can't and shouldn't attempt to improve The Bard

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    Seriously this is Hamlet fanfic with OpheliaHoratio as the OTPI can't help but compare this unfavorably to Ursula K LeGuin's Lavinia Both examine a famous male dominated text from the perspective of the extremely marginalized love interest But LeGuin brilliantly turns the story on its head Her Lavinia has a strong enough voice of her own to really bring a new perspective to the Aeneid I felt like the original gained new depths as a result Ophelia on the other hand is a pale shadow of the original I don't feel like I have new things to think about I don't even feel like this is a particularly interesting interpretation of the character She's fine the plot's fine everything's fine but there's no spark Hamlet himself never particularly comes alive And Ophelia does just as much pointless waffling as her love only less poetically Very minor spoilers that you find out anyway on the first page she survives Actually she wanders out of the play probably two thirds of the way into the book and wanders into her own not particularly interesting plot In which she continues to waffle a lot keeping secrets for no reason she bothers to justify it's justifiable the author just chooses not to do so than weakly MehHere's where my rating system breaks down Lady Lazarus was ambitious but deeply flawed She reached high and I think may have failed but did so with passion Ophelia on the other hand has far fewer technical flaws It's just kind of lifeless Both average out to middle of the road books but really I'd rather read the fiery but irritatingly flawed book than the mostly unobjectionable dishwater one

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    Yeahthey do stuff Was good 'till that point I can see the writer's reasoning for putting that section in there but I thought it ruined the story

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