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    I had no idea what this book was all about as I hadn't read any others in the series Imagine the look of surprise on my face while reading this at my son's bball practice and finding our heroine having rather explicit sex with 2 out of the 3 brothers she lives with Why didn't she bang the 3rd brother as well? you might be wondering Because

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    Curiosity killed the cat And I have to stop reading every freebie I find LOLI guess I could have cared about the characters in this short story if I had read the original book I don't know As it was this uickie didn't stand on its ow

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    Maya Banks Colters' Wife Samhain Publishing 2010I promised myself—actually I swore to myself—I would not read Colters' Wife whic

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    Colters’ Wife Colter's Legacy #15 by Maya Banks is a seuel to Maya’s most popular book Colters’ Woman where three brothers all share the same woman and end up “marrying” her I haven’t read Colters’ Woman since I’m not a big fan of siblings involved in a polyamorous incestuous relationship regardless if the siblings aren’t

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    I really liked this short story which is about the birth of Holly and her fabulous husbands daughterHolly is lovely and the guys are so adorableI adore the family dynamicsCan't wait to read the next book

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    Continues books 1 h is pregnant and at end of term She gets upset because her 3 men are bossy and dominating and she's sick of it So she decides

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    Apparently a lot of people didn't read the description of this before reading It's erotica people Why would anyone waste t

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    Hard to rate

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    Free Kobo eBook

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    The Colter men are the best at taking care of their woman They are even attentive to Holly when she is pregnant This was a very welcome addition to the Colters' Legacy series The only danger is in the situation that Holly

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Colters' Wife is the free short story follow up to Colters' Woman It's an extended epilogue and gives readers a. Maya Banks Colters Wife Samhain Publishing 2010I promised myself actually I swore to myself I would not read Colters Wife which stands as kind of book 15 in the Colters Legacy series it s a 40 page short bridging the gap between Colters Woman and Colters Lady until I d picked up Colters Woman and given it a whirl But I simply couldn t help myself Maya Banks has done America one of the greatest services any writer possibly could have she has shown in graphic uncompromising and highly amusing fashion the illiteracy of any number of people who fancy themselves readers Why are there seventy nine one star reviews for Colters Wife as I write this In every case every single one it s because the person who unwittingly downloaded and read this disgusting filth did so because she did not understand the significance of the placement of the apostrophe in the title which makes the direction of the subject matter extremely clear Sorry folks if you d paid a smidgen attention in English class assuming you actually went to it your pristine eyes would have never had to behold such debased horror as a woman accepting that than one man is capable of loving herI already hid the plot in that opening paragraph but a little explicitly this short bridge between the first two novels in the series focuses on Holly the title character in the final days of her pregnancy she s carrying Seth who judging by the excerpt of Book Two found at the end is the main character of that one Yes there are a couple of erotic scenes and yes Ms Banks is uite good at writing those wipes sweat from brow but I was just as enchanted by the scenery even when it was conspiring to thwart Holly s attempts to get to her favorite sitting rock My wife is seven months pregnant I totally get that bitI d originally given this three stars but the I think about it the I realize that as far as the construction of a short story goes this is actually pretty nicely thought out all the so for taking time out to include the hot sweaty bits I certainly won t argue with those reviewers who cautioned me to read the first book first but it does work well as a stand alone Banks mentions a few events from the first book but gives enough detail in an economical enough space that you can get your head around the emotional uirks that follow from said events which is pretty amazing these days when every author just HAS to set up a seuel in the final pages y know So I m kicking it up half a star because while it s still fluff it s impressively written fluff and it s renewed my determination to read this series which I m sure was the intent of offering the thing for a free download in the first place Bravo Ms Banks and bravo Samhain Publishing you did your job and you did it very well as far as I m concerned

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Colters' Wife Colters' Legacy #15

Glimpse into the lives of the Colters after Holly returns home in Colters' Woman  The correct reading order o. Continues books 1 h is pregnant and at end of term She gets upset because her 3 men are bossy and dominating and she s sick of it So she decides to seduce them then puts her baby at risk by going for a walk Honestly these men deserve better than her she s TSTL so of course she falls gets trapped and her men have to rescue her The her bossy men have to deliver the baby I don t think she deserves them she s selfish and not nice

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F the series is Colters' Woman Colters' Wife Colters' Lady Colters' Daughter Colters' Promise and Colters' Gift. Hard to rate this one Free Kindle ebook and nothing wrong with how well written One female having relationship with three brothers just not my cuppa I like hot steamy and erotica But couldn t get past the three brothers sharing one woman This is seual to Colters Woman