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Books 3 5 of the Zach and Zoe Mysteries a sports themed chapter book mystery series by New York Times bestselling author Mike Lupica Perfect for fans of Cam JansenThere's nothing eight year old twins Zach and Zoe Walker love than playing sports and solving mysteries And when those two worlds collide well it doesn't get any better than that The Football Fiasco In this third mystery Zach and Zoe discover their football has been completely deflated leaving them without.

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The Zach and Zoe Mysteries

A ball to play with at recess But who's behind it The Soccer Secret Soccer season is underway and though Zach and Zoe play on different travel teams they're on the same team when it comes to solving mysteries So when a package arrives in the mail addressed to Zach the twins are surprised to find a soccer jersey identical to the one Zach wears for his team But Zach's jersey is in his closet so who does this jersey belong to and why did they send it It's a soccer secre.

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T and Zach and Zoe are on the case The Hockey Rink Hunt In the fifth installment of the series Zach and Zoe solve a hockey themed mysteryOnce again bestselling author Mike Lupica charms his youngest readers yet with a sports loving detective duo who can swing for the fences and catch the culprit in one fell swoop With a recipe eual parts sports and mystery the Zach and Zoe Mysteries break fresh ground for an author who has been called the greatest sportswriter for ki.

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