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Milady's Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary

Ect to product penetration and highlights the current challenges facing cosmetic formulators In addition it offers comprehensive discussion of the various skin types and conditions in order to help professionals in their product selection Lastly it defines common cosmetic industry terminology used by cosmetic manufacturers professional estheticians marketers and the media The second part is dedicated to helping cosmeti.

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Milady's Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary third edition is a multi purpose resource for cosmetic professionals and consumers alike Part one puts cosmetics in the context of skin care It provides an overview of skin physiology In order to understand how and why a product works it is essential to understand how the skin works It gives an overview of the complexity of cosmetic chemistry particularly with resp.

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C users identify the function and purpose of specific ingredients It is an alphabetical dictionary that lists and describes not only active principles but all other categories of ingredients that comprise a skin care cosmetic As scientific knowledge of skin physiology and cosmetic chemistry advances so do cosmetic products This volume puts everything in context in an easy to read easy to understand user friendly format.

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    This book is okayI enjoyed the appendix with botanical Latin names However I was disappointed at how they rarely mentioned side effects of ingredients like phototoxins photosensitizerscytotoxinspro oxidants etc They mentioned studys sometimes by some definitions but never cited it I also felt like there were a lot of ingre

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