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This book is not about Kargil and not about the military takeover Certainly the focus is not General Musharraf or even the Army It is a book about human experience of life; the story of a weak man stumbling through his life; pushed by his fears and dragged by his desi. The title literally meanshow long will the silence continueLt General Shahid Aziz was once a close associate of General MusharrafHe played a part in the events that led to the ouster of prime minister Nawaz Sharif in the 1999 coupLaterhe worked in key positionsBut after he retiredhe wrote this book which is very critical of General MusharrafThis book is a mixed bagThe first portion deals with the author s military careerit had me totally engrossedHe won the Sword of Honour at the PMAHe fought in the 1971 war in West Pakistanand his younger brothera lieutenantwas killed in action after cease fire had been declared His description of battle during the 1971 war is vivid and very excitingand had me on the edge of my seatThat is the best part of the bookabout actual soldieringAlsohis criticism of the Kargil war and his role in the 1999 coup which brought General Musharraf to power is worth readingThen came 911 and the US threats and ultimatums to bomb Pakistan to the stone agewhich left General Musharraf with little choice but to join the US as it began its military campaign in AfghanistanBut heretoothe author gets very critical of the policies of his former bossHe doesn t spare the USwhere he had received military training in mid careerThen he gets into a discussion about free masons and their role in the worldHe advocates a religious solution for all of Pakistan s problemsAt this pointthe book becomes all about his personalvery preachy viewsHe was also part of the National Accountability Bureau NAB and details his frustration while working thereas corruption cases could not be brought to their conclusion because of outside pressuresToday s NAB is much aggressive compared to his dayenjoying a lot of powers as the cases against Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari indicateI liked the portion of the book dealing with military mattersI d rather skip the restThe book is published only in Urdu


یہ خاموشی کہاں تک

D not expect any less And this is the least price I must pay for the suffering that some of my mistakes have caused to this nationAutobiography of Lt Gen retd Shahid Aziz a central character of the 1999 coup by Pakistan Army against the democratically elected governmen. Interesting book for those who are fond of reading novels I was expecting that it will expose the reality of the Corrupt Army Personals and will reveal some hidden facts of Kargil But the writer seemly frightened of his pension and allowances I am not doubting his love for the country he made many sacrifices for our country but as per reader review I am here to tell the truths

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Res; torn apart by love transcending with time It is a book for the youth of this nation to learn from the mistakes I have made to see how life twists and moulds each one of us In this endeavour I have laid my life bare and exposed myself to all forms of criticism I di. Yeh Khamoshi Kahan TakA book leads towards inspiration patriotism truth wisdombehind the scene stories Indeed it guids its reader towards high goals

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    (The title literally means,how long will the silence continue).Lt. General Shahid Aziz was once a close associate of General Musharraf

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    This is a revolutionary book which has been written by an army officer with a lot of candid views of his career spread around forty years in the army and as the head of National Accountability Bureau after his retirement. The author is also related to President Musharraf as Musharraf's son is married to Shahid Aziz's brother's daughter. The first thing to strike me was the choice of language adopted to write his autobiography, wh

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    If you ever need to teach your kids the meaning of self contradiction and hypocricy, a few pages of this book should be all you need.

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    Of all the military biographies I have read, this one is the best by far, and I'm only saying that in context of language and verbosity; it's written in Urdu with a good nostalgic and gripping mix of Faiz's poetry. Shahid Aziz had a rather successful career in the army, had remained on several important positions; DG Mili

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    Yeh Khamoshi Kahan TakA book leads towards inspiration, patriotism, truth, wisdom,behind the scene stories. Inde

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    Excellent book on the Army and political system of Pakistan. He clearly exposes how the current democratic system cannot work in Pakistan. This system which is made for the elite is rotten and cannot deliver results for t

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    Shahid Aziz retired from the Pakistan army after a long and successful career, reaching the rank of Lieutenant General (3 star general) and serving as DG analysis wing of the ISI, DGMO (director general military operations), CGS (chief of general staff) and corps commander (commanding 4 corps in Lahore). After

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    Interesting book for those who are fond of reading novels. I was expecting that it will expose the reality of the "Corrupt Army Personals" and will reveal some hidden facts of Kargil. But the writer seemly frightened of his pension and allowances. I am not doubting his love for the country, he made many sacrifices for our country b

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    A personal egoistic story of an idiot army general who conquered his own country with full pride.Another dark side is, he proudly writes a book about his illegal adventure.Another darkest side is ,people read it and among best seller in pakistani bookshops and widely read in libraries.

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    I am unable to download the book.

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