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That have enabled urban planners to shirk responsibility for ongoing water uantity and uality problems From the city's unfortunate location to its present day debacle Thirsty City is a fascinating and highly readable account that reveals how Atlanta's uest for water is riddled with shortsighted decisions unchecked greed political corruption and racial anim.

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Thirsty City

Atlanta is running out of water and is in the midst of a water crisis Its crumbling infrastructure spews toxic waste and raw sewage into neighboring streams A tri state water war between Alabama Florida and Georgia has been raging since 1990 with Atlanta caught in the middle; however the city's problems have been than a century in the making In Thirsty City.

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Skye Borden tells the complete story of how Atlanta's water ran dry Using detailed historical research legal analysis and personal accounts she explores the evolution of Atlanta's water system as well as charts the poor urban planning decisions that led to the city's current woes She also uncovers the loopholes in local state and federal environmental laws.

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    Very insightful and eye opening I really enjoyed it

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